• K. JW

I wish I was wrong!

So yea...after this week's episode I felt like I was spilling trade secrets or what not. Like, the Feds or at least the local police station was coming through the door, like pew pew..."Come with us Ma'am, you're in violation of snitchin." Because, some people don't really understand the gem of knowing what you're walking into. I wish someone had've given me some sound advice when I joined.

One story in particular sticks out to me. Picture this a young E-3 coming to Ellsworth, South Dakota from the East Coast; who'd never been that far from home. It's a cold she's never experienced in September! The hell is going on?!?! Every new member gets introduced to the Group Commander, where he laid down expectations and standards, and more... Well he asked me if there is anything he could do for me?

Y'all I said with the gusto of a proud ass American "Some cold weather gear, Sir." He was like, say less and boom I had everything I could've ever wished for within in a month of arriving. I was BIG happy!

Like all you gotta do is ask in the Air Force and you shall receive...Shiiiiiiddddd...

Within that week I was labeled a "nonner", selfish, and given so much crap! All because, he asked me a question and dammit I responded! What people didn't see was that I was assertive, honest, and brave; which translated to, I would do the same for you Sister or Brother. I was labeled...never getting the opportunity to show who I was until much later. I was known for a while as that chick who got cold-weather gear when guys on the flightline didn't have it.

But, I was fresh off of Basic and didn't know the ropes of the military lingo, which is why I thought we could be honest, I mean in reality this conversation was Human to Human right...Ha, yea and nooooo.

I could go on, but uh ruh Imma leave it right there today. Do your due diligence before reporting to an organization and investigate their leaders and the culture. It'll help you!

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